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Angie Girgis
Owner/Childcare Franchise
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The Ultimate Guide to Opening a Child Care Center

Looking to start your own child care center? We have put together a step-by-step guide to help you get your new business up and running!

Center Ebook

Learn how to get started with...

Online Child Care Center Registration

Business Plan & Financing

Set up locations independently and keep families, billing, staffing, and reporting separate. 

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Child Care Technology

Restrict user access to specific locations depending on the access they need.

Detailed child care center reports

Marketing & Branding

Generate company wide financial reports to see how your business is performing as a whole.

What's Inside?

This eBook exposes the hidden nooks and crannies where needless paperwork and mindless tasks lurk:

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Business Plan & Financing
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Child Care Technology
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Marketing & Branding
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And much more!

Learn tons of current industry techniques and practical wisdom that will give you the confidence to get started with your child care business as soon as possible. Download your free copy today.

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Julia Blurb

My name is Julia Erman, I am a former Childhood Educator and Director of School Programs who now works as a Customer Advocate to help centers grow and reach their goals through Sandbox.

Whether you're new to the Child care industry or you've been an owner or teacher for a long time, if you're looking to grow a successful child care business I'm here to help!

Julia Erman
Child Care Program Director & Customer Advocate