Child Care Management
Made Easy

Family Information

All your child and family data is neatly organized and easily accessible through the child profile.

  • Child & Guardian Information
  • Enrollments, Schedules & Waitlists
  • Medical & Immunizations
  • Reminders, Notes, & Attachments
Automate invoicing for all children at your center
Automated Invoicing

Sandbox automatically tracks schedules and tuition pricing for all the children at your center, making it easy to generate invoices when it's time to bill your parents.

Sign In-Out
Say goodbye to paper sign in/out sheets with automated attendance and staff hour tracking.
Simplified Process
Quick and easy process for parents and staff to sign in/out.
Secure Access
Unique passcode and initials ensures safe and secure check in/out process.
Synced Data
All attendance data submitted through the Timeclock is automatically synced with your Sandbox account.
Automated attendance and childcare staff hour tracking
Online childcare registration
Online Registration
Simplify the registration process at your center and get rid of paper forms. Parents can register online and upon approval, their profile will be created in Sandbox.
Reduce data entry
Using our online forms eliminates the need for manual paperwork.
Accept payment information
Parents can securely submit their payment info for online payments.
Create custom forms
Create the forms you need with our customizable online registration tool.
All your staff information is readily available in the staff profile.
  • Contact information
  • Medical & Immunizations
  • Staff hours
  • Reminders, Notes, & Attachments
Detailed reporting on all the information required for your child care center

Detailed reporting on all the information required for your child care center. 

From enrollment projection reports and allergy lists to detailed financial and multi-location reports, the information you need is at your fingertips.

Parent Engagement
Keep parents updated regularly on any device through both the Sandbox Parent App & Online Parent Portal.