to the Sandbox Team
Let's get started
Welcome to the Sandbox Team
We are excited to have you as part of our team. You were hired because we believe you can contribute to the success of our business, and share our commitment to achieving our goals as stated in our mission statement.

Sandbox is committed to quality and unparalleled customer service in all aspects of our business. As part of the team, we hope you will discover that the pursuit of excellence is a rewarding aspect of your career here.

This employee handbook contains the key policies, goals, benefits, and expectations of Sandbox, and other information you will need.
Rob & Harry
Our Guiding Values
Understand our customers, empathize with their needs.
Be honest, consistent and acknowledge mistakes, take ownership for them & do what you say you’re going to do.
Treat others with courtesy, politeness and kindness.
Make empathy your virtue & encourage others by praising in public & correcting in private.
Learn & do everything to be the best. Set no limits & never accept good enough.
Always be innovating to be the best.
Be willing to sacrifice to do what it takes to excel.
Set goals, be hungry and eager to learn and most of all never ever quit.
Team- Oriented
Be helpful, develop and maintain trust. Our whole is greater than the sum of our parts.
“Together Everyone Achieves More”
On your first few days…

So you’ve gone through the interview process, you’ve signed the contracts, and you’re finally here at Sandbox. Congratulations, and welcome!

Now What?

Sandbox has an incredibly unique way of doing things that will make this the greatest professional experience of your life, but it can take some getting used to.

Ask all the questions, that's what we all did.

Here’s a few good tips to get started:

Be a Sponge

One of your most important duties your first week is absorbing everything. Getting to know Sandbox’s culture, the working and communication styles of your teammates, the problem projects, and department or company-wide goals means that you’ll be able to start your real work sooner (and be more effective when you do).

Sit in

The best way to understand what we do is be on the shoes of those who use our products everyday. Our Customer Success team do Getting Started trainings daily and we suggest that you sit in to a few of them - this will get you started on understanding both our product and the people that use them.

Ask Questions

As you learn about new processes, projects, and people, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Meet each team member, remember some of their names and play a little ping pong (we love those here).

Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

As our team started to grow we implemented a cool Monday morning standup meeting where we start by talking about anything from our weekends, fun surveys and other silly stuff then we transition to some success during the past week as well as an update of what each team or member is up to - the challenges they might have and how we can support each other.

Don’t be afraid to share or speak up, make suggestions and ask for help if you need it.

Everyone’s voice is valued here :)

Let’s get technical

Here’s a good checklist or guide to get you set up on your first day:

Setup your cool new Mac (or a PC if you really, really need to)

We all get a nice Mac computer to work on, feel free to customize it the way you want.

Our Wifi Password is: Ladder247

Get some accounts running

You will be provided with a Sandbox email account ei: yourname@runsandbox.com

Rob usually takes care of this but if you don’t have it yet feel free to ask him.

Google Up!

We use Google Suite to host and run most of our in-house files like Docs and Sheets as well as our Calendars for meetings and vacations and everyone’s email address is also in the Contact list. Use your sandbox email to login to Google and have a look around.

Save a few Links and Download some apps:

Visit our website at runsandbox.com and feel free to create a free trial account.

Once you have this you can login to go.runsandbox.com to explore the software.

Download our Parent App & Teacher App on your phone or use any of our company devices to get familiar with our apps.

Here’s a few otherApps you need to get familiar with:

Slack - we use this for ALL our communications. Ask Joel if you need to learn more about it.

Hubspot - This is our main CRM and is mainly used by Sales & Support. Ask Gavin if you need help understanding it.

Target Process - This where we log tickets and projects. Ask Steve for more info.

Join a few Meetings

It might be helpful to sit in on a few department meetings to get to know each department and what we’re currently working on. Here’s a few meetings you can jump into during your first few days:

Monday Mornings (Mondays at 10am)- Everyone’s here to catchup, share a few stories and get setup for a successful week ahead.

Developer Daily Stand-ups (Everyday at 9am)  - This is a bit technical but you’ll get a glimpse of what our developers are working on. Talk to Steve to see if you can join in on one.

Support Stand-ups - Ask Steve when they do these.

UI/UX Meeting (Mondays at 2pm) - This is focused on Product design and other creative stuff we’re cooking behind-the-scenes. Ask Joel to join in on one.

Marketing & Sales Meetings - Ask Gavin or James if you could join in.

HR Meetings - Jake our HR champion comes in every Tuesdays so take time to schedule a meeting with him if you have any questions regarding any HR stuff.

Quarterly Meetings - Every 3 months we gather to talk about our current growth of our company as well as our alignment to our mission statement and where we are on our roadmap.

Friday Lunch!
This is our favourite! On Fridays we get to have lunch together as a company either we order in or we go out dibs are on the company card! This is the best way to get to know people around the office more personally.

A few other stuff you may want to know...

Career Growth


  • Done at time of Probationary Review.
  • Done annually close to date of hire.
  • If need be a Performance Improvement Plan.


  • You will be asked to fill out a Self Evaluation.
  • A Manager Review will be filled out on you.
  • It will be assigned to you by HR.
  • Performance review meeting will be scheduled.


  • In order to fill out the documents please go to your Humi Account.
  • The performance will be evaluated with HR and your manager present.



  • You will benefit following the successful completion of their probation.


  • HR will follow up for your to sign up for our benefits plan.


  • All benefits and information can be seen and tracked through your Humi account.



  • Wage reviews are conducted annually.


  • They are conducted a week or two following the performance review.


  • You will walk through your Wage Review with HR.

Vacation and Time Off


  • You can make a time off request at any time using your Humi account.


  • Enter the leave type under your employee profile.
  • Your direct supervisor will approve/deny your request.
  • You will receive the confirmation directly.


  • Easy as pie and log onto your Humi.

Attendance & Holidays

Core Hours

  • The Core Hours of the company are from 8-5pm.

Flex Time

  • Flex time is considered but has to be approved by your supervisor.

Health & Safety


  • Please keep our work environment neat.
  • Please clean up all your dishes and put in the dishwasher.


  • If there is something we can do to help with your posture and making your work zone more conducive to a better environment please contact HR.

Amenities & Parking


  • You are more than welcome to use the parking in the front of the building but you have to purchase at ticket at the machine.
  • Alternatively you can park on the street and have a brisk walk over.

Sick Days

  • If you are not feeling well please send an email to your supervisor.
  • Please log in your Humi you’re sick day.


We have a 4 step discipline Policy:

  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Written Warning
  3. Suspension
  4. Termination
Please reach out to Jake if you have any HR questions or Login to your Humi account to keep track of all your requests, employee documents and personal information.