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How do I accept online payments with Sandbox?

Accepting online payments with Sandbox is secure, simple and efficient.

With Sandbox, your parents have two options for online payments. They can enable 'Automatic withdrawal’ which allows you to charge them right away when creating the invoices or they can apply payments a soon as they receive the invoice in their Parent App.

What are the benefits of Online Payments?

  • Get paid in 2-5 business days
  • No monthly or hidden fees - Learn more about the processing fees
  • Accept payments from Visa, MasterCard and AMEX credit cards
  • Accept e-check/ACH payments (Only available in US)

The setup is quick, taking only a few minutes. You will just need to provide some company information and connect your bank account.

To Enable Online Payments

  1. Click 'Settings' at the top right of your Sandbox account
  2. Click the 'Payment Processing' section
  3. Click 'Start Accepting Payments'
  4. Add in your company information and bank information

It's that easy! Now your parents can add a payment method and start applying payments.

Click here to login and Start Accepting Payments