The Day School

Kathy Gregory
Atlanta, GA

The Day School preschool has been preparing children to be ready for kindergarten for over 40 years. When Kathy became Director at the school just over two years ago, the centre was being managed with Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, and QuickBooks was being used for all of their financials. Kathy also used an address book to track the contact information for all the parents, guardians and emergency contacts.

The Problem

The biggest problem that Kathy experienced with doing everything manually was how difficult it was to manage all of the information. Kathy was constantly updating spreadsheets, creating new word documents and re-printing the reports that she needed. Even working with QuickBooks was tedious since only one user could be logged in at a time. This restricted who could use the software, and how quickly things could be done.

Kathy wanted to find specific preschool software that could be the information hub for her center – tracking and storing all of the information that she needs so that she can quickly access what she needs when she needs it.

The Sandbox Solution

While searching the web for preschool software and childcare software programs, the first thing that Kathy noticed about Sandbox was how user-friendly it is. As she started working with the Sandbox Software free trial she found that not only was the preschool software easy for her to learn, it also made it very easy for her to train others at her school who aren’t as computer savvy. Some of the educators have been working at the preschool for over 20 years, and they were able to switch over and train themselves on Sandbox Software with very little assistance. This was a big difference from some other child care software programs that they evaluated, which were much more complicated.

Another contributing factor to Kathy’s choice of Sandbox as the childcare software for her center was the quality of customer support that she received. “With some of the other software companies I’ve dealt with, I felt like a tiny fish in a giant ocean” Kathy said. “With Sandbox Software, I found that the support was very helpful, and responsive to my needs. Someone was there to talk to when I needed them, and I was able to build a relationship with them so that they knew my history, and were able to quickly and easily assist me with my requests when I called.”

As a previous business owner, Kathy recognizes the importance of having systems in place make things more efficient and to help with the daily tasks at her preschool.

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