Storyland Preschool

Krista Bordeleau
Ledyard, CT

Elena has been working in the child care industry for over eight years. She had a bad experience with a child care center where she enrolled her daughter and was determined to provide a better care option for parents. This led to her purchasing her own child care center, Storyland Preschool. The owner was retiring, so Elena took over running the preschool and has been operating it ever since.

A primary focus at Storyland Preschool is on their integrated thematic play-based curriculum. It's important to Elena that every child is happy and comfortable in the preschool at all times.

The Problem

When Elena took over Storyland Preschool everything was being tracked manually. The preschool was not using email, and everything was being written out manually on paper. One of Elena's first priorities was to improve the efficiency of how things were being done. She initially purchased another child care software program however it wasn't web-based so it needed to be installed individually on each computer and she had to remote access in over a virtual private network. Elena needed an outside IT consultant to help her with managing the network. This was costly and the software ran very slowly. She began looking for web-based preschool software that could do a better job helping her run the preschool.

The Sandbox Solution

Elena searched online for preschool software and child care software. She found Sandbox Software and compared it to three or four other cloud child care software programs. She found Sandbox Software to be fast, intuitive and extremely easy to use. As a web-based software program Sandbox provides her with the flexibility to setup secure permissions and have her staff complete some work from home. Elena loves the fact that she can be at her daughters gymnastics class or at home and still be able to keep an eye on things as well as communicate with parents of children at the preschool.

The features in Sandbox Software have helped Storyland Preschool to professionalize their image, enabling them to compete with larger competitors. One example of this is the customizable online registration section where parents can register online for the preschool. When a parent registers, Elena is notified and is then able to push all of the information directly into Sandbox Software, eliminating the need for her to manually enter in all the child and family information herself. Parents love the ability to register online.

Now that Elena uses Sandbox Software, she no longer needs to pay an IT consultant to assist her with managing the child care software, saving her money. The monthly fee for Sandbox has also made the software more affordable in comparison to her previous child care software which cost her thousands of dollars just to get started. With the Sandbox monthly fee, Elena can easily budget her ongoing costs to use the preschool software as well as keep her up-to-date with new features and customer support and keep all of her information backed up securely.

Elena comes from a business background and previously worked for a marketing firm so she realizes the importance of customer support. She loves the fact that at Sandbox Software we offer a no obligation, free 30 day trial and that we answer the phone when she calls. Thanks for being a loyal customer Elena!

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