Red Apple Daycare

Neena has been working in the daycare business for 21 years and has a passion for working with children and being a part of their personal growth. Red Apple Daycare is focused on having a diverse enrollment by encouraging children of all backgrounds, cultures and needs to attend. With specialized training and a committed group of staff, they are able to care for a high number of children with special needs, and they love every minute of it.

The Problem

When Red Apple Daycare began using computers six years ago there was a collective sigh of relief among the staff. Not only were they not using child care software, up until that point everything was managed and tracked on paper. This meant that invoices were created by hand, payments were written down on notepads, and attendance sheets had to be filled out manually every day. After beginning to utilize Microsoft Word and Excel, the staff at Red Apple Daycare were able to free up more time, and become more efficient in the office. They adopted the computer as a new member of the team and worked with it as much as possible. However the new challenge that Red Apple faced was one of time and training. All of the Word documents and Excel spreadsheets on the computer were disconnected from each other, and they found that it also took a long time to train new staff on how to use everything. The more that they built up their system, the more complicated it became.

The Sandbox Solution

Neena wanted an all in one child care software solution that was easy for her staff to use so that they could jump right in with very little training and time needed. Sandbox Software helped her solve the problem by replacing most of her Excel spreadsheets and Word documents with one easy to use child care software program.

Neena loves the fact that Sandbox daycare software is web-based because this allows for her to work in the software and access the information that she needs securely from anywhere. It's also easy it is to use and to learn. Her staff are able to get up and running with the software quickly and find that it's not frustrating like some of the other daycare software programs that she looked into. Everything that she needs to know is stored securely in one place. She can find contact phone numbers, how much families owe, update her billing information and view/print off the reports that she needs. It's all at her fingertips.

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