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4 Reasons Why Sandbox is the Best for Staff Management

June 11, 2019

Leading a large or small team of people can be overwhelming at times. I remember when my team was small, before the growth, and I talked in person to each of them EVERYDAY to give updates and to connect. Looking back, these were the days! The days when I had time and I was managing a team small enough that I was really effective.

Not all of us have the joys of being able to communicate face-to-face everyday with our teams, I was in this type of situation for more than a year. Today, we are going to explore why Sandbox is the best for Staff Management and Communication. There are a lot of staff management systems out there to choose from, and you should do your research, as I did mine, but I am here to say Sandbox is the best. And here is why.

1. Communication Access

Communication is such an important part of leading a team of people so for me, this was my number one focus. I couldn’t stand manually typing in staff emails each time I sent one because of several reasons. First, my team was growing, and second, I always missed someone.  In Sandbox there are a few ways to communicate with your staffing team.

First is the EMAIL function. Email in Sandbox is so simple to use and an easy way to make sure that no one on your email list is missed. I use the email function for monthly updates to my team, weekly encouragement and also event updates. My advice is to make sure that the email you have set up under their account is actually the one that they use on a regular basis.

The second function that Sandbox has that works great for communicating with staff is the TIMECLOCK NOTES. I love this function for quick reminders, staff meeting notices, or notes of encouragement. When a staff member uses the Timeclock they will be able to see the note you have posted. You can also set how many times you want the staff to be able to view the note and the date period. This allows you to set up notes in advance, which was a huge benefit for me!

As you can see, there are great ways for communication with your staffing team in Sandbox. Sandbox really makes communication easy!

2. Certification Tracking

The next item to consider when looking for a staff management software is tracking teacher certifications and requirements. I can still see my excel spreadsheet in the back of my mind. I would spend hours updating or persuading another team member to update the list. The list was never really UP TO DATE and I would always seem to lose their certifications or something along those lines. Am I alone? Hopefully I am not the only one…

What I love about Sandbox is there is a great function called STAFF TRACKING. In this section, you can tell the system what you would like to track and when the certification or training is coming due. As simple as that, all of your teacher certifications and testing requirements are managed. This section was life changing for me! No more paper or excel spreadsheets. Actual tracking dates, an alert feature and I was no longer in charge of remembering everything, the system would now do it for me.

3. Payroll Management

Now, to be honest, at my center I didn’t manage all of the payroll functions so I am not the best person to fully review it. However, I did manage reviewing staffing hours and printing payroll reports, and both features work great in Sandbox! The TIMECLOCK is easy to use and review. Yes, any time clock system takes some review as staff may forget to clock-in and times might need to be edited. However, when we were on top of it and reviewed it weekly, payroll was as simple as printing one report for our bookkeeper, that's all!

4. Teacher App

Although it took us time to start using the TEACHER APP at my center, this soon became something that I loved the most. The Teacher App is amazing because it allows staff to review their class lists, child allergies, attendance, emergency contact information and so much more all from the App. The App provided staff a small glance into Sandbox which saved me time relaying information. I wasn’t the only fan of this, my teaching team loved it as well!

I hope you can join me in seeing why Sandbox Software is amazing for Staff Management. Why spend time doing things the long way? Yes, child care workers are used to our systems, but why not invest in a new system that will simplify your center and help you go farther with your business?

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