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Time to Clean up the Toy Room?

January 6, 2016

The Christmas Holidays are over and another new year begins. Activity at your child care center is likely back to it’s busy pace with your classrooms filled with children. It’s playtime and the toys come out. One of the children picks up a fire truck, and then decides they would rather play with the lego. This is an example of a common occurrence with children; they’re always moving from one toy to the next.

Sharing toys among the children provides an opportunity for the spreading of germs and bacteria. If your toys are not regularly cleaned, buildup of bacteria can result in illnesses spreading quickly from child to child. Make it a priority this year to clean your toys often as you continue working to maintain the cleanliness of your child care center. Cleaning toys regularly should always remain a high priority at your center, if it isn’t already.

Keeping the toys neat and organized will also help with keeping them clean. Designate proper toy storage bins with enough room to fit the toys properly and ensure that the children clean up after they play.

For some handy tips on cleaning your toys check out this article Cleaning Tips: Best Hacks To Make Kids' Toys Less Nasty by Kristy Woudstra.

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