The Best Apple Devices For Child Care Operations

August 31, 2017

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Using management software at your child care center is a great way to be more efficient and to save you time. Although there is some work required initially to get up and running, the move to using technology will be worth your time and effort. The first step is finding child care management software that best meets the needs of your center. Once you have selected your software of choice, you will need to ensure that you have the appropriate devices to run it. Here’s a breakdown of the different Apple devices available to help make this task easier.


When working in Sandbox, desktop computers are a great option for working on more intensive tasks such as billing parents, enrolling children and generating reports. The all-in-one iMac is an excellent computer and it looks great too! It starts at $1099.00 USD and has many different hardware upgrade options. The beauty of using web-based software is that any new computer should run it well, since the software is accessed through your web browser and is much less demanding on your computer.


Apple’s most popular laptop is the Macbook Pro, however, if your looking for a cheaper or more portable option, you may want to look at the Macbook Air. Starting as low as $999 USD, this device is light, easy to pack up and powerful enough to complete your daily management tasks. If you want something a bit more powerful, the Macbook Pro is a great option and starts at $1299 USD.


The tablets is the most popular choice for our centers who are looking to use Sandbox in their classrooms. They are most often used to run Sandbox applications like the Timeclock which automates the sign in/out process and the Teacher App, which helps teachers complete daily activities such as tracking attendance, messaging parents and sharing updates. Apple provides high quality products so we actually advise using the lower end tablet options like the iPad, iPad mini and iPad Air. The biggest difference between these devices would be the screen sizes which range from a 7.9 inch display to a 10.5 inch display. The cost effective iPad starts at $329 USD, the iPad mini sits in the middle starting at $399 USD and the more expensive iPad Air starts at $499 USD.

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I hope you found this device breakdown helpful in your search for center devices. Keep in mind that you can also often find local deals and open box discounts if you go into stores to look at devices. If you are still in the search for childcare software, Sandbox provides full administration and parent engagement on an easy to use platform. Don't believe us? Call our bluff and try if free for 30 days.

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