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The Advantages of Web-Based Child Care Software

March 17, 2015

Web-based software is quickly replacing traditional desktop software due to it’s many advantages, however we still get lots of questions about what web-based (or cloud) software is and what it’s benefits are for the child care industry. Since Sandbox is web-based child care software, we decided to post some information about it here.

What exactly is web-based software?

Web-based software is software that runs in a web browser over the Internet, and it doesn’t require installation on your computer. You simply log in to the software through your web browser, and you can do it securely from anywhere. Here are some of the many advantages to using web-based software versus traditional desktop software.

Access from anywhere

Web-based software allows you to securely login with your own user name and password from any computer, laptop, or mobile device (with internet access). You’re not restricted to individual computers, and you always have access to the information that you need.


Security is always a top concern when you’re transferring and storing sensitive information on the Internet. Since you’re storing information for children at your child care center, keeping it secure is extremely important. Web-based programs such as Sandbox child care software use SSL technology to encrypt your information when it’s being transferred over the Internet, keeping it secure and preventing anyone from intercepting it. Banks and government agencies world-wide use this same technology to protect their confidential information.

Easily budget your software costs

Web-based child care software allows you to easily budget the ongoing costs of using and maintaining your software. Although it may initially seem favorable to purchase your software with one upfront fee, there will invariably be unforeseen costs in the future.

Technology is always changing, and as you upgrade the computers and operating systems at your center, your software will require updates as well. Just as your car requires regular maintenance, software needs to continually be maintained in order to run properly. When you purchase software with one upfront fee, maintenance is not included, and you never know when you will be required to upgrade, or what the upgrade will cost.

Web-based software allows you to easily budget your software costs in advance, and you are assured that you’ll always have the upgrades and support that you need to keep your software up-to-date and running smoothly.

Automated backup

Most web-based software programs provide the service of automatically backing up all of your information. With Sandbox Software, all of your information is automatically backed up daily. It won’t be lost if your computer crashes, your hard-drive is stolen, or you lose your zip drive. Your information will always be safe. This provides peace of mind and is much more reliable than more traditional backup methods where information is backed up locally, and you have to remember to manually back up your information on a regular basis.

Includes all upgrades and new features

When updates are released, they are made to your software automatically – no downloads are required. And these updates are normally free for as long as you’re using the software, so you’re always using the latest and greatest technology at no extra cost.

Includes Ongoing Support

With most web-based software programs, the monthly fee you pay includes customer support. With Sandbox Software, if you ever run into technical difficulties, or have questions about your program, our customer support staff is available by phone or email to assist you with resolving your issues or questions.


Since web-based child care software runs in a web browser, it’s compatible with any device that has one of the major four web browsers installed: Google Chrome (recommended), Windows IE, Safari, or Firefox. No need to worry about compatibility issues. You can even use the software on different operating systems within your center at the same time. Sandbox child care software will also run on tablets such as Apple’s iPad, and Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy.

Simple to access

You’re always able to easily access the software, as well as share information with other educators and staff at your center since it’s stored in one central location. Access is based on login permissions, so that each user can only access the information that they need to see.


The monthly cost of web-based software provides you with the flexibility to cancel at any time. Since the ongoing cost of using the software is spread out over monthly payments, your upfront cost is much lower then it would be with traditional desktop software, and if you ever need to cancel your membership, you can do so at any time. If Sandbox Software clients need to stop using our web-based child care software, we’ll provide you with all your data in a convenient format, so that it can be used wherever it’s needed next.

Hopefully this post answers your questions about web-based software, and you understand the advantages of using it. If you have any other questions we’d be happy to answer them for you. Just email, or call us at 1.800.385.7930.

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