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10 STEM Activities to Try With Your Class

Gavin Wieske
August 21, 2018

When working with children in their early stages of development, it is important to use best practice methodologies. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) activities are four major disciplines of education. Introducing them to children at an early age will have a significant impact their growth and development. Starting at a young age provides children with the growth that they need in these different areas and learn through play is an excellent way to introduce them. We have gathered 12 fun STEM activities to use at your preschool or child care center.


Science is the study of structure and behaviour in our physical and natural world. Use exciting activities to help children take an in-depth look into the world around us. Here are some fun science activities to try with you children.

Water cycle in a bag

Cloud in a jar

Dancing Raisins


Understanding technology has grown to become one of the most important skills that we can acquire in todays world. Try these fun tech activities below with the children at your center.

Code your birthday

What material is the best insulator?

Build globby structures (download the app)


A branch from Science and Technology, Engineering is the design, building and use of engines, machines and structures. Various activities like building structures are great ways for children to learn through play. Check out these fun engineering activities.

Engineer a shelf

Design straw bridges

Make music from water


Mathematics is another crucial skill that can be developed at an early age. Try the following math activities with your class.

Magnet counting sticks

Cheerios to trace numbers

Counting cards

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