How Sandbox Helps You With Staff Management

September 13, 2018

Child care centers and preschools vary in size, some have just a handful of employees while others have hundreds. With smaller centers, you may be able to manage staff information manually. However, the bigger the center becomes, the more difficult it is to manage. Find out how software like Sandbox can help you manage staff at your child care center.

Contact Information

Similar to the children at your center, you will also need to manage contact information for your staff. You may be tracking this manually in Excel or even on pieces of paper. In Sandbox, we provide a simple and easy solution for managing this information right in a staff profile. You are able to add multiple contacts with addresses, phone numbers, emails, and any other necessary information. All this information will be easily accessible in their profile and on a printable emergency card.

Medical Information

Being in the child care industry, you are well aware of the demands of medical information tracking for both children and staff. With software, this can all be tracked and managed right in the staff profile. You can add their personal doctor, address, and contact information. If your staff have any medical conditions or allergies, they can be neatly organized with the option to add EpiPen expiry date for allergies, if applicable. Sandbox also has a section where you can add requirements which can be used to track things like educational trainings and criminal checks.

Certifications, Trainings & Immunizations

Are you tired of using pen and paper or Excel to track your staff certifications and training sessions? Child care is one of the more strict industries when it comes to required certifications and training. Centers are required to have up to date documentation to ensure the staff are properly trained and hold the proper certifications. Sandbox has a configurable section which allows you add in these mandatory certifications alongside items like immunizations. Just set the due dates and mark them as they are completed. Our software also generates an automatic reminder when these items are within 30 days of coming due which you can send off to the staff member.

Staff Hours

Depending on the size of your child care center or preschool, you may manage employee timesheets and payroll differently. If you are growing and you find that you are overwhelmed with your current method, you may find our software to be a great solution. We allow you to track staff hours and generate reports which can be used for payroll. We also have a Timeclock which allows both children and staff to sign in and out using their 4 digit code and initials. This streamlines the staff hours tracking and updates their hours in Sandbox.

Staff Documentation

At the bottom of our staff profile, you will find an attachments section. As previously mentioned, child care centers are often required to store different forms and documentation about each staff member. This section allows you to upload certifications and training documents as well as their immunization forms. This section allows you to turn your paper copies into digital copies. This provides a worry-free solution for storing your staff's documentation.


This is a simple, yet very important piece of your child care management tasks. Communication is key when organizing daily activities and staying connected with your staff. We provide multiple communication avenues between you and your staff. Do you need to remind your staff to prepare for a field trip tomorrow? By creating Timeclock notes you are able to leave reminders for staff which they will see upon signing in/out of your center. In Sandbox, you can also send a mass emails from the staff list which you can use to make announcements or to send out reminders. Simplifying communication at your child care center will save you time and help avoid miscommunication.

Are you looking for a software solution to help you manage staff at your center? We provide a web-based, easy to use platform that will change the way you manage your center and engage with parents. Try us free for 30 days and find out why we are one of the fastest growing childcare companies in North America!

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