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New Redesigned Teacher App - Now in BETA

Gavin Wieske
June 1, 2020

Did you know that smartphone and tablet users spend 87% of their time in apps? People prefer apps to websites because of their simplicity, functionality and ease of use. If you use a smartphone or tablet to help run your center, or are thinking about it, we’ve got an announcement for you!

We’re in the home stretch with the fully redesigned Teacher App v2 and are excited to announce that we are entering the beta testing phase with several customers!

We wanted to share an update with you about the new app and answer some of the questions we are hearing from our customers.

What’s new?

With the launch of our Teacher App in the Summer of 2018, we set out to provide effortless, intuitive mobile access to Sandbox to make it easier for teachers to accomplish daily activities like taking attendance, completing daily logs, and sharing updates from their phone or tablet. 

Now with Teacher App v2, we are taking things to the next level with a fully re-built platform and fresh redesign.

First, let’s start with the ‘behind the scenes’ part that you won’t see but will noticeably improve your in-app experience. The app has been totally rebuilt from the ground up with new technology to provide a more stable experience for users. This means a snappier feel when navigating through the app and fewer app issues and crashes regardless of device or location of use.

Next - and likely the first thing that will catch your eye - is the brand-new look which provides a cleaner, more intuitive interface. Clutter-free, attractive layouts make it even easier to navigate through the app, especially for new users.

Finally, we’re introducing a brand new feature that has been frequently requested by our customers. We are excited to launch the all-new Activity Tracking function that seamlessly merges the previously separate newsfeed and daily logs into one beautiful feed!

Upon logging in you will now notice a new section named ‘Activities’ where you will be able to explore this new feature and ‘quick add’ activities like Moods, Incidents, Meals & more.

Teacher App sections

The teacher app will now have 4 main sections, Attendance, Activities, Child List, and Messages. You will also have access to Settings for account adjustments and switching locations.

Will this update be an additional charge?

We are excited to share that the Teacher App v2 with complete redesign and addition of Activity Tracking will come at no extra cost! All of these great features will continue to be included in the monthly subscription for all of our customers and the Teacher App will remain as a free app.

When will it launch!?

I assure you, we are just as excited as you are with this new addition to our toolkit! We want it to be right before the release, so we don’t have a hard launch date for you yet, but we hope to launch in about a month. After a few weeks of beta testing, we will have a better idea and will be announcing our official launch date across social media to keep you in the loop. 

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