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Product Update: Sandbox Software Online Registration v2

Gavin Wieske
January 13, 2020

We’re excited to announce that we’ve made a major update to online registration in Sandbox.

We’ve completely rebuilt the Sandbox online registration form to give it a fresh, modern look that is more intuitive and easier for parents to use. Most importantly, the form is now fully responsive so parents can quickly and easily submit registration forms for their children directly from any device, including smartphones and tablets.

How Does This Update Benefit Your Center?

First, you can now feature your online registration form on your website or in your brochure with confidence, knowing that parents will be impressed with the clean and simple registration process.

Second, parents are going to find the new online registration forms much easier to navigate, meaning less time spent with parents who have questions or run into issues as they work through the form.

And finally, since the forms are now fully responsive, parents can fill them out any time on any device.

The best news is that there’s no work required to update your existing forms to the new online registration format since they’ve already been updated for you.

Not Using Sandbox Online Registration?

If you’re still handing out paper forms at your childcare center or preschool, managing enrollments is likely one of your most time consuming tasks and we are here to help.

We’ve made registration easier by enabling centers to build custom forms with all the fields they need in Sandbox. Once the forms are created, a unique link is generated for each form that can be added to the center's website or shared directly with parents.

Sandbox online registration not only allows parents to fill out the form online, but it also enables the center to preview registration requests and approve/reject them as necessary. As a result, the child’s information is pushed into Sandbox automatically, and a family profile is generated without any need for manual data entry.

We’re amazed at how much time our customers save when they replace manual paper forms with our custom online forms.

Are you ready to automate your registration process? Contact our customer support team for help to get started at 1.800.385.7930 x1 or support@sandboxsoftware.com.

Sandbox is an easy all in one solution for your childcare business. Get started today - it's free!

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