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Sandbox Teacher App v2 - Now Available

Gavin Wieske
September 15, 2020

Sandbox Software was founded just over nine and a half years ago when the co-founders discovered a sizable gap between the needs of childcare and daycare centers and the software available. They began meeting with directors and staff at different centers to learn more about the needs and wants of the child care industry. They then took this research back to the Sandbox team in order to design software that would meet those needs with a well-designed product that was simple and easy to use while still being comprehensive enough to carry out all the administrative tasks essential to centers across North America and beyond. 

When Sandbox was founded in 2011, centers were primarily focused on trying to simplify their business by optimizing daily tasks such as information management, billing, and attendance. Sandbox worked hard to streamline these processes and make life easier for daycare and preschool staff. It was not until a number of years later that the desire to increase parent engagement and communication through software became a top priority and this relatively new concept quickly began to make a pronounced impact on the market. 

This concept resulted in apps popping up which specialized in connecting centers with parents. This was extremely beneficial for both parents and centers by allowing for increased communication between caregivers and parents and encouraging increased parent engagement in the daily care of their child(ren). However, centers began to notice glaring disconnects between their administrative software and parent engagement software. They began searching for the ideal all-in-one system that would fulfill both their need to manage their center and their desire to engage with parents.

With the launch of our new Sandbox Teacher App, we are one of only a few truly All-in-One solutions when it comes to childcare software. Centers can now comfortably use Sandbox to manage all aspects of their child care business including parent engagement, without the training, confusion, and cost of using multiple software platforms. Parents can also access everything they need in Sandbox via the parent portal and parent app.

Here are some of the great features you’ll find in the new Teacher App:


The Attendance section in Sandbox allows you and your staff to easily view and update attendance in the classroom. This section is divided into two parts simply labeled ‘Checked Out’ and ‘Checked In’.

Under the ‘Checked Out’ area you can view a list of children broken down by Scheduled, Checked Out, Absent, Not Scheduled, and Vacation.

You can then select children and check them in, mark absences, and add notes such as reasons for absence or when a child is expected back from vacation. Once Checked In, they will move into the ‘Checked In’ section so you can view class attendance.

Child List

Need to look up information for a child in your classroom? The Child List section helps you navigate quickly and easily to the child profile you are looking for. In the child profile, you will find all the necessary information you need to view throughout the day, including family information, medical information, and notes.

Here you can also access each child’s activity feed which allows you to view activities that have been added throughout the day and you can access the Class section that allows you to see enrollment details for each child. 


The Activities section is one of the biggest updates with the new teacher app! Our previous version of the Teacher App included a Newsfeed for photos and updates as well as a Daily Logs section for daily activities.

These sections have now been combined into the new, beautifully designed Activities section. With pre-built sections and configurable fields, Sandbox allows you to tailor the app to the needs of your center. As a result, adding activities is a quick and easy process for you and your staff.


The Messages section has received a new fresh look while maintaining that classic messenger feel, making it attractive, intuitive and easy to use. Message back and forth with parents through center or class messaging. Both parties receive push notifications through the apps, making it a breeze to stay connected.


The Settings section provides more configuration options for areas such as List Ordering, Activities, Notifications, and more. You will also find additional resources available under the Support section.

Final Notes

Sandbox’s new Teacher App will not only keep you connected with parents, it will help you and your team stay on top of your daily tasks so you can spend more time with the children. We’re thrilled that customers have consistently rated Sandbox software’s simple, intuitive design and low price as industry-leading in both best value and ease of use. These days we can all use more money in our pocket and time in our day, so try our Teacher App and experience the power of seamless administration and communication features right at your fingertips!

Not using Sandbox yet? Why not sign up for free today and experience the power of the Teacher app yourself?

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