Make the Most of Your Sandbox Free Trial

April 17, 2018

The process of hunting for the right child care software is never an easy one, especially for centers who are completing their management and admin tasks manually. Questions may include “What kind of features do I need?” “How much can I afford to spend on software?” and “Will the software I choose really make it easier for me to manage my center?” These are just a few questions to be answered when reviewing the various child care management software options available today.

To help you properly evaluate Sandbox, and to ensure that it will meet the specific needs of your center, we provide a no-obligation, free 30 day trial. The free trial lets you to quickly sign up and begin using the full version of Sandbox immediately. Throughout the process of developing our software, we’ve made it a top priority to ensure that it is intuitive and easy-to-use. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your free 30 day trial.

1. Watch the training videos

No matter how easy it is to use, any new software can be overwhelming when you first begin using it. To help with this, we’ve built over 20 tutorial videos to guide you through each section of Sandbox. The videos are short clips, with most around a minute long, and they include step by step instructions to help you learn the software, and set it up specifically for your center. The training videos cover all of the main sections of Sandbox, from setting up your classes to adding child and family information, billing your parents, adding your staff, and generating reports.

Click here to watch our training videos now

2. Set time aside

When you sign up for our free trial, you will have unlimited access to the full version of Sandbox for 30 days. This is more than enough time to thoroughly evaluate the software, however it will require some discipline on your part to ensure that you set aside the time that you need in your busy schedule. Whether its an hour or two one evening, or a few hours on the weekend, make sure that you schedule time into your calendar to focus on working through the process of properly evaluating the free trial.

3. Connect with our team

One of the first things that you’ll notice when you start using Sandbox is that we put a lot of focus on our customer support. We understand that we need to be there when you need help with our software. Our team will also reach out to you periodically throughout the free trial process to ensure that we’re available to answer your questions, and meet all your needs. We want to be there to help when needed. Recently we launched Intercom chat directly in Sandbox, a chat option to make it even easier for you to reach us when you have a quick question as you’re working in the software.

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