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Maintain a Healthy Work-life Balance in 2018

Gavin Wieske
January 18, 2018

For many people in North America today it has become common to put work before everything else. Many are too eager to put their job before families, friends, personal time, etc. Good work ethic is a highly sought after trait for many employers, however it’s important that to keep a healthy work-life balance. Although the many jobs require a 40 hour work week, it is not uncommon for people to work 60+ hours per week. Overworking yourself can be dangerous and is extremely unhealthy both physically and mentally. Here are four important priorities to keep as part of maintaining a more balanced life.

Are You Overworking?

Family & Friends

Maintaining relationships with family and friends is debatably the most important aspect of life. Family and friends constantly need time and attention. Keeping up these relationships takes effort, and it isn’t always easy to maintain them. Don’t make the mistake of pushing aside what’s really important for extra hours at work. Make time for your friends and family and you will undoubtably experience the ongoing benefits that these relationships provide, both in your life, and in theirs.


The responsibilities of life can be overwhelming at times, taking much of your energy and wearing you down. This makes spending your downtime enjoying some entertainment is important. Everyone has their hobbies or favourite leisure activities. Whether it’s playing a sport or watching your favorite show on Netflix, it’s important to make time for things that you enjoy. Be sure to schedule downtime regular downtime into your busy schedule.

Personal Time

Spending time alone has many benefits, whether it’s reading a book, kicking up your feet and resting or laying down to take a nap. Spending regular time alone gives your mind a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Resist the urge to rush out, take some time alone and you will find yourself rejuvenated and more productive throughout the each day.


Work is still an important aspect of everyday life. Without work it’s easy to lose your feeling of purpose in life and many have figured out that money does not buy happiness. Find a job that you love, so that you wake up excited for what the day ahead will bring. Being happy at work means you’ll be more content in your life, and you’ll notice an improvement in your mood and in your performance at work.

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