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Let Your Parents Register Online Through Sandbox

March 16, 2016

Are you tired of running around working in your child care center all day, just to get home to a tidal wave of paperwork? Using software such as Microsoft Word and Excel means that for every new child that signs up at your center, there’s the need to review their registration form and manually add all of their child and family information into your word docs or spreadsheets. New registrations at your center should be a reason to celebrate, and not something to dread. That’s why we’ve designed a great online registration feature in Sandbox Software to automate this process for you.

With the Sandbox online registration feature, we provide a simple, efficient way for parents to register their child at your center. You can email them a link to the online registration form, or add it directly to your website, and the information they fill out is immediately pushed to your dashboard in Sandbox. From the dashboard you can review the information and contact the parents to discuss their needs, as well as let them know if you have space available or if they need to be added to your waiting list. Once you accept the online registration, all of the information will be pushed directly in to your Sandbox account, completely eliminating the need for any manual entry. We make online registration easy!

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