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Introducing Intercom to Sandbox

Gavin Wieske
February 28, 2018

At Sandbox we make our Customer service a high priority, even for those who aren’t “tech savvy”. Traditional customer support options include phone and email support, FAQ’s and video tutorials. Communicating by phone is often the most preferred method of support, however when the lines are busy and we have a high volume of calls from our customers, leaving a voice message and waiting for a call back increases our response time, and leaves our customers waiting longer. Sending email is great when your questions can wait, but if they’re urgent, we know you want a response ASAP! And FAQ’s and tutorial videos are great for quick help on easy questions but they often don’t provide help for the more specific questions or issues that you’re experiencing, which typically require some trouble shooting to resolve.

That’s why we’ve introduced Intercom as our newest form of communication between our support team and our Sandbox users. When you login to Sandbox, you will now see a chat icon at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. This in-software chat enables you to send a quick message to our support team and provides you with the quickest response time. We have members of our support team dedicated to monitoring the chat full-time, ensuring that we provide quick and effective support whenever you reach out to us during our regular business hours (our current response time is less than one minute).

With the introduction of Intercom we have noticed a significant decrease in support phone calls and emails, allowing us to provide quicker responses to our customers across all methods of communication, and helping us to stay better connected. We’ve found that Intercom chat also provides us with a more casual way of communicating, enabling us to build better relationships with our users, which we love!

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