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How to Set Up New Staff in Sandbox Software

October 2, 2019

If you have had the privilege of being the person to hire and onboard a new team member in your child care center, you might be thinking, where does Sandbox play a role in this process? After managing a team of over 50 people and having used Sandbox for five years as a Director, I have come up with a Sandbox onboarding process. Today, we are going to walk through this process.

Adding a New Team Member:

1. Add in the STAFFING TAB

Adding a new staff member into the staffing tab in Sandbox is super easy. Just head over the staffing tab and select ADD STAFF. This will prompt you through the process. Make sure you keep this list of staff up to date as it can be used to send staff emails, and to update/edit your payroll.

Sandbox Tip: When a staff member leaves your team, make sure to mark their end date and archive their file.

2. Add Staff Information in the STAFFING TAB

As you are adding in the new staff member make sure to fill out their profile in as much detail as you can; this will be helpful down the road. I like to include personal information in the notes section as their favorite coffee drink because I always loved surprising my team with coffee once in a while.


If you are using Staff Tracking, as you should because it will save you so much time, then add in these dates for your new staff member for each item. Some things that I recommend in staff tracking are CPR, TB testing, Certification Training, First Aid, and or anything you need to keep track of for each staff member for licensing. 

Training Tip: If you are looking for great online child care classes check out SG CLASSES ONLINE

4. Add as a User in the SETTINGS TAB

Each staff that will need access to the teacher app or Sandbox in general will need to be added in as a user in the SETTINGS TAB of your Sandbox account. In this section you will add a user login and password for their account which will give them access.

Make sure to set up the USER PERMISSIONS

When you are setting up the user account, make sure to adjust the USER PERMISSIONS as needed. This allows you to limit what each different staff member will see when they log into Sandbox. We have a few preset options that you will see, and you will also have the opportunity to customize it as well.

5. Give the staff member their login information

Once the team member is in Sandbox as a user you’ll want to make sure to give them their new login information so they can access their new account. I usually just send them an email with the website address and their information. 

Once you have updated everything on the admin end, the next item of business is to train the new staff member on how to use Sandbox. The good news is that Sandbox is SUPER EASY to use, but I like to make sure everyone is on the same page by covering a few items.

Items that Need Training:

  1. Teacher App: To access the app, go to the app store and search “Sandbox Teacher App”. Once downloaded, the rest is pretty simple to figure out.
  1. TimeClock: Show the new staff member how to use the timeclock for both children and staff clocking in and out procedures. I also like to show them how to reset a password, which is found right under the actual time clock.
  1. Attendance: Teachers can access the attendance for their class using the teacher app. I like to train my teachers to check the attendance each day and make sure that the parents are clocking in and out as they should.

Final Notes:

I hope you enjoyed my onboarding procedures for a new staff member in Sandbox Software. Depending on your center you may make a few adjustments to this list, we all run our centers so differently huh?! If you have any questions or are interested in getting a web demo on Sandbox Software click here!

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