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How to Introduce Your Parents to Sandbox [+Email Template]

September 4, 2019

*Feel free to add a link to this video in your email for parents.

Whether you have been using Sandbox Software for a long time or just started this blog is for you! Today, I am going to provide you with a sample email introduction to Sandbox for the families in your center. This email is to send out to families to introduce what Sandbox is and how they can use it to manage their child’s information, enrollment and overall how Sandbox will relate to their personal experiences in the center. I would recommend sending this out to all new families as they join your center. 

Before we get started, please note that in order to compose an email like this and also have it be a ‘one size fits all’ is VERY difficult because ALL centers are so different. The goal of this is to give you a structure to use so you don’t have to make it up from scratch. Please feel free to edit it, remove sections or add to it as needed!

Here we go...

Email template:

Dear Center Families,

Welcome to our child care center. We are so glad that you have chosen us to entrust your child(ren) with. It is our goal to make your experience at our center as great as possible and in order to do so, we have included Sandbox Software as a service to our center and families. 

Sandbox Software is a Child Care Management software that encompasses many aspects of running a child care. The purpose of this email is to briefly familiarize you with the areas of Sandbox you will be using, but if at any point along the way you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the center and we will be happy to assist you! I am going to walk you through each section of Sandbox that you as a parent will have access to, so here we go!

Online Enrollment:

You may have already noticed but Sandbox is assisting our center with the enrollment process. This allows you to enroll in different programs from home and also update your information as needed. Keep an eye out for new program enrollment links as we move forward. 


As a parent, you will also interface with Sandbox as you check your child in/out for the day using the Sandbox Timeclock. The Timeclock will be ready to use on a device at the centers front desk daily. We do require families to clock their child in and out each day. 

Setup/Creating a Passcode: Before you can use the Timeclock,  you will need a Timeclock passcode. You can set up a passcode through the Parent App, Parent Portal or create one when using the Timeclock. 

*Your child must have an active enrollment in Sandbox and you must be added as a Guardian before you can have access to the Timeclock. 

Clocking in/out: To clock your child in/out, first type in your passcode, then your first and last name initials (for example my name is Jane Doe so my initials are JD). Sandbox will match your information with your child. At this point, your child’s name will pop up and you can check them in/out. 

Parent App/Portal Setup: 

Once you are enrolled into our program, we will send you a Parent Portal registration email. At this point you will be able to create an account for your child that allows you to update basic information, view newsfeed updates, make payments and communicate with our center directly. Once you have created an account through the Parent Portal, then you’re ready to download and use the app!

The Sandbox Parent App is available for download on iOS and Android devices. If you are using an iOS device, you can find the app in the App Store by searching for Sandbox Parent App. If you are using an Android device, you can find the app in the Google Play store by searching for Sandbox Parent App. 

Most of your interaction as a parent will happen through the Parent App or the Parent Portal. As we move along, I will explain in more detail all the areas of the app and how they will be useful to you and your family.

7 Parent App Sections:

Parent App Navigation: Navigating through the Parent App is pretty simple. To get started, just click on the top left-hand menu to navigate from one section to another. Let’s walk through each section of the app together!

1. Newsfeed 

When you first login to the Parent App, you will be brought directly to the Newsfeed. This is where you will see information that is shared by your center such as messages, pictures, attachments, and announcements. ​​Keeping a close eye on the Newsfeed will help you stay up-to-date with the events at our center. 

2. Messages

The Messages section will enable you to communicate with our center privately (not shared with the other classmates). Feel free to send us messages regarding attendance, events or anything else you would like. Just know that these messages are seen by both the classroom teacher and our centers administrative team. If there is something confidential, just email your teacher or the director individually. 

3. Billing

The Billing section is where you can view your account balance and make payments using Credit Card or Direct Debit (if your center offers online payments). If you click the “Pay Balance” button, you will have the option to pay your entire balance. You will also have the ability to make a partial payment against your account balance (*on the app only).

The Billing section also enables you to view invoices and any payments that you have made. You can access statements and tax receipts by clicking the ‘Statements’ and ‘Tax Receipts’ buttons at the bottom of the screen. 

4. Child(ren)

In the Children’s tab, you can view information for your child(ren). You will also have the ability to add/edit information by clicking the + icon beside each item.  

Here are some tips for the Children section

  • You can only edit information if the + icon is present (more editing options are coming soon)
  • You can add a picture by clicking on the child photo icon (please make sure we have an updated photo)
  • The Attachments tab is where you can upload documents (if authorized by your center) 
  • If you have more than one child at the same location, you can toggle between children by simply clicking on the child’s name.​

5. Attendance 

In the attendance section you will be able to see your child’s daily clock in/out times, as well as absences. If you have more than one child at the same location, you can toggle between them by selecting the child's name.

You will not use the app to clock in your child, you will use the Timeclock located at the center. This tab is just for viewing the clock in/out times.  

6. Daily Logs

In the Daily Logs section of the app, you will now have access to view the daily log activities that have been documented by your child’s classroom teacher. To view this, you will need to click the Daily Log icon in the Daily Log section of the app. 

7. Settings

In the Settings tab, you can reset your login password and Timeclock PIN. You can also manage push and email notifications for check in/out, Messages, Newsfeed items, and Daily Logs (if this is enabled by the center).

*If you are not getting notifications when something is posted to the newsfeed or a message is sent, double check your settings.

It is our hope that this introduction to Sandbox and the role it plays at our center will help you be more prepared for the school year ahead. If you have any questions please let us know, we are happy to walk you through any of the sections in person as well.

Thanks again and have a great day!

Your Center Staff

Sandbox Preschool

Final Notes:

It’s my hope that this guideline will help your center as you introduce each family to Sandbox. I know from personal experience that it can sometimes be difficult to communicate to parents. I can assure you that with the use of the Parent App and Parent Portal, this will make it much easier. 

If you have any questions about the Parent App/Portal please know that our team is here to help! You can start a chat with our Support Team by logging into your Sandbox account or email us directly at support@sandbox.com.

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