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How Secure is Cloud Child Care Software?

January 14, 2015

We’ve had lots of questions about the security of storing information “in the cloud”. Although cloud software is being more and more common today, many people still have concerns about sending their information over the Internet. These same questions apply for cloud child care software (also know as web-based child care software).

Traditional child care software was installed on a user’s own personal computer and everything entered into the software was saved on the computers hard-drive. Since the computer was in the user’s own home or office and only they had access to it, they felt that their information was secure. Unfortunately this is not actually correct; once a computer is connected to the Internet, it’s accessible to anyone online. Although the majority of people using the Internet don’t have the skills or aspirations to access other user information, without proper firewalls and protections in place, information on any computer connected to the Internet is vulnerable to hackers with malicious intent.

With improvements to technology and internet bandwidth, cloud software has continued to grow in popularity, mostly due to the convenience of being able to login on any device, and being able to access your information from anywhere. Cloud child care software such as Sandbox Software is also becoming more common. But the question remains: how secure is cloud software?

Although no information is completely safe from a potential attack online, information stored in cloud software is often more secure then on your own computer. When using cloud software, information is transferred over the internet and stored on a server remotely rather than on a local computer hard-drive. In order to protect the information as it is being transferred over the internet, companies such as Sandbox Software use SSL technology to encrypt your data. This ensures that the information can’t be intercepted while it is being sent over the internet. This is the same technology used by major banks and government agencies to protect confidential information. Once the information arrives on the server, Sandbox child care software uses Rackspace servers to securely protect the information in the child care software. Rackspace is a leading provider of data storage services, and has an excellent reputation when it comes to both physical and network security. You can read more about what Rackspace does to protect your information here.

Due to continued advancements in Internet security, many hackers resort to cracking passwords to get in and access your information so it’s important to setup secure passwords when creating accounts online. In fact, cracking your password is the most likely way that a hacker will get in and access your information. Click here to read a great article with some things to consider and keep in mind when creating your own password to minimize chances of it being cracked. Technology continues to develop and improve bringing with it both benefits and challenges. At Sandbox Software we realize the importance of protecting your information online and we continue to take the measures necessary to keep your information safe.

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