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How to Make Homemade Baby Food [+Free Recipes]

November 17, 2021

Are you tired of spending money on baby food? If so you’re in the right place, today I’m gonna show you a few quick recipes for semi-homemade baby food with foods that you may already be preparing in your house. 

After years of feeding therapy with both of my special needs children, I learned a trick or two on homemade baby food. It is healthy nutritious, and high in protein. I had done a ton of research at the time on child-led weaning and loved the idea, but in our situation, it didn’t work. 

Both of my children have low muscle tone and feeding delays making anything but a puree difficult until a much older age. What I have done is mixed the theology behind baby-led weaning with the challenges that we have had and have come up with a great way to make homemade baby food easy, quick, and nutritious. 

Before we get started, let me define for you baby-led weaning. What to expect explains it as “A unique approach to starting solid foods, baby-led weaning involves jumping straight to finger foods and bypassing purees”. 

As you read through that description, you can see why that didn’t work for my specific children, but as you read further you find out that the whole philosophy is about feeding your baby what you are eating and that is the part I have taken over. 

As you begin your child’s feeding journey here are a few things to consider. 

4 Tips for Semi-Homemade Baby Food

Use Protein

Nut butter is great for a base protein. Make sure that you try a small about first to ensure the child doesn’t have an allergic reaction.

Use a Binder

I like to use baby cereal or apple sauce. Think of a binder as a simple basic ingredient you have on hand to mix with other ingredients. Depending on the baby’s age you can also use couscous, rice, can beans or oatmeal, but make sure it is well blended.

Use what you have on hand

If we are making sweet potatoes for dinner I leave a few to make baby food that night or the next day. Try to feed the baby what you are already eating so that they get used to your family’s diet. This will encourage them not to create picky eating habits as well.

One at a time

When introducing new foods make sure to use one new ingredient at a time. This will help you notice if the baby has any food allergies or intolerances as well. Take it slow, babies won’t’ be upset to eat the same meal 3 times a day like us adults. 

3 Easy Baby Food Recipes

For these recipes, all you need is a mini food processor, I love the KitchenAid mini food processor. 

High protein baby cereal

¼ cup of Oatmeal

1 tablespoon of almond or nut butter

1 tablespoon of applesauce

Babies milk (add until you have the desired consistency)

*Put inside the food processor and mix to desired consistency.

Veggie Mix

½ cup Cooked Veggies (whatever you are having)

¼ Cup of Baby Cereal

Babies Milk (add until you have the desired consistency)

*Put inside the food processor and mix to desired consistency.

Introducing Dairy 

¼ cup of Baby Cereal 

Tablespoon of yogurt of your choice

¼ cup of Fruit

babies milk (add until you have the desired consistency)

*Put inside the food processor and mix to desired consistency.

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