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Help Parents Stay Connected With The Sandbox Parent Portal

August 17, 2017

Let’s face it, life is busy. Every morning during the week people head off to work and many parents drop off their children at local child care centers along the way. While they work, parents are separated from their little ones, and they miss their daily activities and developments. That’s why we’ve developed the Sandbox Parent Portal; to help parents to stay connected with their children throughout each day. Our Parent Portal is being used in childcare centers all across North America. Take a look at how the Sandbox Parent Portal can help parents stay connected with their children’s daily activities, and make life easier at your child care center.

Help Parents Stay Connected

The questions most parents ask when picking their kids up from child care are “How was your day today?” “What did you do?” and “Did you learn anything new?”. Most children are unable to answer these questions with much detail, and parents will often hear responses such as “It was good” or “Not much”. It’s hard for parents to get a good understanding of what their child is up to each day.

The Sandbox Parent Portal was developed to enable centers to share with parents all of the details of what their children are up to each day. Using the Sandbox Teacher App, teachers can quickly and easily send pictures and updates to parents throughout the day via the Parent Portal Newsfeed. They can also share more specific details such as what the child had for morning snack, when they had their last bowel movement, their nap time etc. by posting to the Daily Logs. The Daily Logs section is completely customizable, so centers can set it up to track all the specific activities that they want. Using the Sandbox Teacher app makes it easy for your staff to communicate directly with parents through the Parent Portal. And the data is encrypted and accessible by password only, so that only authorized parents can see the information for their children.

Enable Parents to Pay Online

Chasing payments is typically one of the most frustrating tasks for businesses. Operating a child care center is no different, and many owners/operators spend significant amounts of time chasing parents for payment. Offering parents the ability to conveniently pay online has been proven to significantly increase the speed of receiving payment, and reduces the amount of time required to chase parents for payment.

With [Sandbox E-payments] your parents can pay outstanding invoices quickly and easily through the Sandbox Parent Portal. There’s even the option for parents to authorize automatic withdrawal, so that payments can be processed immediately after their invoices are created. Enabling payment processing through Sandbox will significantly reduce the workload for receiving payments at your child care center.

Easily Update Family Information

Now through the Sandbox Parent Portal, parents can easily update their child and family information themselves. Addresses, phone numbers, contacts, allergies, medical conditions, immunizations - all the information that you need to track for families at your center can be updated by parents directly through the Parent Portal. You’ll be notified on the Sandbox Dashboard as soon as changes are made, and if approval is required first, the changes will be pending until you’ve approved them.

Our customers love the fact that parents can update their information themselves anytime, from anywhere. If you have Sandbox and aren’t using the Parent Portal yet, feel free to drop us a line at and our team will help you get set up!

Sandbox is an easy all in one solution for your childcare business. Get started today - it's free!

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