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Make Valentines Day at Your Center Special This Year

Gavin Wieske
February 9, 2016

Its Valentines day this weekend! Love is in the air, and it’s time to enjoy heart-shaped candies, delicious chocolates and roses by the dozen. Restaurants are serving romantic candle-light dinners and the kid in all of us is revealed as we partake in this holiday. For the children it’s all about the candies, crafts and valentines cards. Why not take the time at your center to have a little fun with a holiday themed craft session. Children are always excited to do something new, and love the opportunity to show their creativity by making crafts or jewelry for others or themselves. Keep the spirit light and choose a few of these fun Valentines crafts to keep the children at your child care center entertained.

Click here for 25 fun crafts to get your children into the Valentine's Day spirit.

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