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5 Fun Activities For Summer Camp

Gavin Wieske
June 22, 2016

Summer is here and if they haven’t already, summer camps will be starting up soon! This is a busy time of year at childcare centers, and it’s a challenging task to keep large groups of children busy having fun while still under control. We understand just how difficult that can be so here are five fun and inexpensive activities to keep your summer camp children entertained.

Outdoor Art: The beautiful outdoors provide plenty of opportunities to develop children’s imagination. Take them outside into a controlled environment, allow them to collect all kinds of natures wonders (e.g. grass, leaves, rocks) and then using glue or tape, have them create a picture of their choice using the objects they have collected.

22 Outdoor Art Ideas for Kids - Kids Activity Blog

Drive-in Movie Experience: This is a unique, fun experience that every child will love. You can split the activity up into two parts. For part one, use supplies such as cardboard boxes, paper, tape, glue and coloring utensils to have the children build themselves their own personal car that is big enough for them to sit inside. Then for part two, later that day or the next day, set up a movie theater setting outside using either a Television or projector. Using their own homemade cars, create a drive-in experience for the children by allowing them to “park” their cars and watch the movie.

Drive-in Movie for Kids - Kids Activity Blog

Stick Buildings: This is an activity that is great fun, completely free and a great way to embrace nature. Give your children a period of time to gather sticks together. When they’ve collected a significant amount, use tape or string and help them build different buildings and sculptures with their hand-picked sticks. This is great for their imagination and provides a great opportunity to teach some basic fundamentals of architecture.

Playing With More Sticks - Picklebums

Friendship Bracelets: Use different strings and thread and teach the children a simple weaving method to help them make their own unique bracelet. This is a great way to get everyone involved and working together while bringing out their creative side. It’s also a great craft to take home and show their parents.

Make a Friendship Bracelet Loom - Kids Activity Blog

Home-Made Bird Feeder: Split the children up into groups of two or three. Use inexpensive supplies such as cardboard, paper, tape and coloring utensils. Help the children build their own bird feeder, provide simple instructions for basic designs. Make sure the bird feeders are built well so that they don’t fall apart. Then, using a string, hang them from a tree outside. This is a great way to promote creativity and it will be fun for the children to see the result of their hard work.

Robot Juice Carton Bird Feeder - Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tail

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