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Find Out More About The Sandbox Timeclock

Gavin Wieske
April 28, 2017

One of the challenging tasks that child care staff have to tackle everyday is process of signing children in and out. Parents often show up all at the same time, and it can be difficult for staff to accurately keep track of all the sign in/out times on an attendance sheet. This is why we built the Sandbox Timeclock; to simplify the sign in/out process for teachers by having the parents do it themselves, securely. Here are a few ways that our Timeclock makes it easier for staff to manage the sign in/out process at your child care center.

Automate Child Attendance

Technology is changing the way we that we accomplish our daily tasks. Setting up a Timeclock on a tablet or laptop at the front of your center enables parents to sign their children in and out securely in seconds. With a unique 4-digit code and initials, the parents will be linked to their children enrolled at your center. The sign in/out time is stamped and then pushed immediately into the attendance section in Sandbox. From there you can add or adjust the times if necessary. Paper attendance sheets are no longer necessary and our various attendance reports will help you find the information you need.

Staff Hour Tracking

Tracking your staff hours manually can be a time consuming task. The Sandbox Timeclock will help to simplify the process for you to track and make it easier to monitor your staff hours effectively. Staff can use the Timeclock to time in/out as well as track any unpaid break time. These times are pushed directly to the staff hours section in Sandbox where you can manually make adjustments as necessary. The Sandbox staff hours report can then be used for your payroll needs.

Timeclock Notes

If you need to communicate a message to your parents or staff, you can use Sandbox to post a note which will then appear when they time in/out using the Timeclock. After punching in their code and initials, parents/staff will see the note which you posted to them. These notes are tracked on the Timeclock dashboard in Sandbox so that you can see who is has reviewed your notes, as well as make changes to them if necessary. These notes can be sent to all parents/staff, a select group or individual parent/staff that you may want to leave a note for individually.

Staff Notes

Our staff notes is a newer feature that has recently been added to our Timeclock. When signing in/out of the center, your staff can leave a note for the center director. This note is displayed in the staff hours section and can be saved to the staff journal. This provides an easy method of communication between you and your staff.

Double Layer Security

Signing in/out of the Sandbox Timeclock requires the user to provide a 4-digit passcode as well their initials. The passcodes can only be created by an authorized user at the center, or by the parents themselves either through the Timeclock or the Sandbox Parent Portal. In order for parents to create a passcode, they will need to enter in their email address as well as their initials. This will check the centers Sandbox account to ensure the person with that email and initials is allowed to pickup. If not, they will be not be permitted to create a code and they will need to speak with an administrator at the center in order to validate their status. Picture verification enables you to see the child being signed in/out as well as the authorized drop-off/pickup.

Sandbox is an easy all in one solution for your childcare business. Get started today - it's free!

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