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Tracking Immunizations is Easy With Sandbox

Gavin Wieske
May 31, 2018

Running a child care center comes with many different responsibilities, and there are many strict rules and regulations for how centers are operated. Meeting these regulations requires a lot of time and effort from childcare owners and directors. Tracking immunizations accurately is one of the time consuming jobs that need to be well managed. Immunizations are very important because they prevent illness which is especially important in childcare centers. Depending on what state you’re located in and what kind of center you run, you will be required to track immunizations differently. At many centers, this work still being done manually in programs such as Word or Excel, making it difficult to manage.

How does Sandbox help?

Thankfully, Sandbox makes managing immunizations much easier for child care centers. Our software has a configurable immunization section where you can add the immunization types and set the intervals for when each immunization comes due. Once you’ve configured the immunizations section, the software automatically generates the due dates for each child based on their birthdate, and sets automatic reminders for when the immunizations are coming due. These reminders can be used by staff at the center, and they can also be sent to parents to remind them that there are immunizations coming due.

From the Sandbox Parent Portal, parents are able to quickly and easily update the immunization visits of their child, and also upload the completed immunization documentation. Sandbox will notify staff through the notifications dashboard when immunization visits have been completed on a child’s profile. Allowing parents to update this information through the Parent Portal saves you and your staff from managing immunizations manually and simplifies the process for both you and your parents.

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