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How to Communicate Efficiently With Parents And Staff

December 18, 2017

When parents are dropping off or picking up their children from your child care center, they’re typically in a hurry to either get started with their busy day, or get home so that they can finish their remaining tasks for the day and try to find some downtime before starting the busy routine all over again the next morning. Staff at many child care centers find that they need to constantly remind parents by email, text message or phone for things such as paying outstanding invoices, dropping off more diapers, updating their child’s immunizations etc.

While the Sandbox Timeclock is primarily built to help centers streamline the task of tracking child attendance and staff hours, it also enables authorized staff at centers using Sandbox Software communicate with a parent or group of parents, or with other child care staff by leaving a note.

Using their own unique 4-digit passcode code and their initials, parents sign their children in and out through the Sandbox Timeclock each day, and staff clock in and out by following a similar process. If you’ve added a note for a parent or employee, they receive it immediately after entering their passcode and initials into the Timeclock, and after reading the note, they can easily dismiss it, enabling them to complete the sign in/out process.

Timeclock notes are created from the Family List and Staff List sections in Sandbox. Once they’re created, you can view them and make adjustments as needed through the Timeclock Dashboard. From here you’re also able to see who has and hasn’t viewed each note. This enables you to hold the parents and staff accountable and reach out directly to the ones who have not seen your note yet.

Creating Timeclock notes in Sandbox makes it easy to communicate important messages to the parents and staff at your child care center in a simple, convenient manner. View instructions on how to create Timeclock Notes and start using them at your center today!

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