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ChildCare Manager Software Alternative

Gavin Wieske
March 16, 2018

Are you currently using ChildCare Manager? If so, you’ve probably heard that their software will no longer be supported as of August 31, 2018. ChildCare Manager was bought out by Smartcare, another child care software company, and Smartcare is encouraging all existing ChildCare Manager clients to transition over to their own child care software platform. Because of this, we are receiving a lot of calls and emails from current ChildCare Manager customers who are looking to find the best software option available for them to switch to. We’ve put together this blog post to show how Sandbox is a great software replacement for ChildCare Manager, and some of the main reasons why we are an attractive alternative to Smartcare.


When comparing the features of Sandbox and ChildCare Manger, you will notice that Sandbox offers many of the same features such as family & staff administration, automated billing, credit card processing, attendance tracking, parent engagement and more.

What really sets us apart from our competition, and what our customers love most about Sandbox is that we are web-based and easy to use. ChildCare Manager offered some online functionality, that enabled you to access certain features over the web. However, Sandbox is truly web-based software, enabling you to access all of your information online, so no downloading is required, and you can access your information securely from anywhere. Since we have put so much emphasis on developing intuitive, easy-to-use software, the transition from ChildCare Manager to Sandbox will be much easier for you and your staff, minimizing the amount of time that it will take to be fully up and running with your new program.


The main difference between Sandbox pricing and ChildCare Manager pricing is that the ChildCare Manager modules are initially purchased as a one-time, upfront purchase and Sandbox is purchased and accessed via a monthly subscription. However, in order to have access to the online features of ChildCare Manager, there is an ongoing monthly fee that you are required to pay. Also, in order to continue receiving customer support, bug fixes and feature updates after the first year, you are required to purchase an annual extended support plan. Without this plan, you will not be able to receive any customer support if you experience issues, and you will not be up to date with the latest features, or even bug fixes that are made.

The benefit of our Sandbox pricing is that we offer our complete software program at a low monthly price. Our monthly fee includes access to the software for an unlimited number of users at your center, upgrades and new features as they’re released for the software, unlimited customer support by phone, chat and email, and automated hourly backup of all your information. Our low monthly pricing makes it affordable to get started since there is no high initial investment, and it enables you to easily budget in your ongoing costs each year since everything is included in our low monthly fee.


When using ChildCare Manager, you only have access to support documents, limited FAQ’s and some tutorial videos, unless you purchase their Extended Service Plan. The Sandbox monthly pricing includes unlimited customer support in a number of ways to meet the needs of your center. You can reach our support staff directly by phone and email during our regular business hours. We also offer FAQ’s, product manuals and our recently introduced in-software chat, via Intercom. Providing top-notch customer service is a top priority at Sandbox, and we do everything that we can to provide you with the help you need, when you need it. Interested in seeing how we can make your transition from ChildCare Manager to Sandbox as easy as possible? We offer a free 30 day trial, so you can try out Sandbox and make sure that it's a good fit for your center. If you like what you see, we will import your information directly from ChildCare Manager into Sandbox when you purchase, so that you’re not required to enter in all of your information manually. Click here to try Sandbox now!

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