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Case Study: Tiny Hoppers

December 13, 2017

Forest Hill Montessori School has been teaching and helping children for 22 years now! They started as one location and have grown to two. Stephanie Marchment works in administration at the school and has been in the daycare industry since 1996 where she managed most of her work manually on paper. Her and the rest of the staff at Forest Hill Montessori School focus on young development and helping children grow to realize their fullest potential.

The Problem

The biggest issue that Stephanie faced was doing all her work on pen and paper. She used a calendar based system to track contact and billing information and Excel, and QuickBooks for additional billing tracking! Not only was this time consuming, they also were not able to send out physical invoices and creating tax receipts was a manual, tedious process. Another huge issue was processing all of the admission forms and student information by hand. This was costing them time and money by doubling the amount of work that they needed to do.

The Sandbox Solution

Sandbox has eliminated the need for all these different softwares by using Sandbox. It provides one central location for this information. Stephanie can easily create invoices and tax receipts with just a few clicks! Now billing is a quick and easy process rather than a daunting task. She can add in users with all different roles and each one has their specific access and permissions. This allows Stephanie to give their bookkeeper access to the billing information without all of the other information. This saves her the time of having to send the information to them!

Another feature that Stephanie loves in Sandbox is the Online Registration Form. Instead of having parents fill out this information by hand and then transferring it all onto her computer, the parents can simply complete this all online! It streamlines the admission process which makes it seamless for both the staff and parents.

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Julia Erman
Customer Advocate
Julia Erman was previously a Director of School Programs. She is now working with Sandbox as a Customer Advocate to help centers grow and reach their goals with the help of Sandbox.
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