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Child Care Case Study: In Space Childcare Inc.

May 4, 2021


Looking for Childcare that’s out of this world? In Space Childcare Inc is not your average after school program. They are a bold company with big dreams of “a global community united as one” . Their program stands out by focusing on the future of space travel. At In Space they believe that our children’s generation will be the first to have open access to space travel. Their goal is not only to provide exciting programs for children today, but to inspire and unleash a new generation of space explorers, and eventually bring child care to a new frontier - Space! 

In Space Childcare provides a unique experience for school age children with space-themed before and after school programs as well as spring, summer, and winter camps. 

In Space director Matthew explains that, “at our centers we want children to see things they wouldn’t normally see”. Robots, dinosaurs and futuristic play centers fill their childcare center, allowing their children’s imagination to take flight.  

Having opened their center during COVID in January 2020 they are no strangers to adversity, but by following their passion and creating a unique learning environment for children, In Space has seen nothing but growth, and continues to experience strong demand despite COVID related challenges. 


The Problem

Although InSpace ChildCare is a very futuristic center, ironically they didn’t always run their business online. During 3.5 years of business planning and for several months after opening, all of their books were done on pen and paper. When their business took off like a rocket they had to keep up on the paperwork side of things or they would be in for a logistical nightmare.

Founder and director Matthew realized he was in trouble but he just couldn’t find a better way until he discovered Sandbox Childcare Software. He needed something that could not only help him bill and collect payments, but create reports, streamline enrollment, and help with other paperwork he just didn’t have time to do by hand or on separate programs. 


The Solution

After much research Matthew came across Sandbox Software. The online registration was a deal maker for him. With all of the enrollments flooding in he knew this was what he needed. Matthew also notes that making the switch allows In Space to bill faster and more accurately while receiving payments quicker by facilitating online payment. Sandbox software has cut Matthew’s workload in half, allowing him to spend more time focusing on growing his center.


Final Notes

Although child care in space might seem a little far off, after a brief chat with Matthew you’ll understand his vision and see how his passion radiates throughout all that he does. No matter what the future holds I can tell you that when childcare in space becomes a reality In Space Childcare Inc. and their powerful new software will be leading the way!

Keep up the great work Matthew, way to be innovative and create a space where not only children can dream big but owners and directors can too!

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