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Can Using Technology Benefit Child Development?

Gavin Wieske
November 17, 2016

Using technology has become part of everyday life, with the adoption of smartphones leading the way. We use them to wake us up in the morning, to communicate and do our work throughout the day, and for our entertainment at night. We often find ourselves on our smartphones, and it’s not much different for children; we can’t seem to keep children away from them. Children spend much of their early years exploring and they have a great fascination with technology. Are there ways that we can use this curiosity for technology to benefit them? Here are four ways that moderate use of technology can compliment your child's development.

Critical Thinking

Spending time playing computer games is generally thought of as a brainless exercise and a waste of time. However, today there are many games available that can promote early development skills such as critical thinking. Strategy based games teach children to think critically, and force them to progress through the game step by step. Children are taught to strategize while playing, and quickly learn that their actions have consequences. Even a brief lapse in concentration will result in the game being over. Critical thinking is an important part of early childhood development. Here are five great apps to help children to develop their critical thinking skills.

5 Apps That Teach Critical Thinking Skills via Tracey Dowdy


A large amount of creativity is developed in a child's early years. We have all heard the stories they tell and seen the pictures that they draw. Some children are naturally more creative than others, however you can be sure to maximize each child’s potential by providing proper education and support to their creative work and thoughts. Use of technology can help raise children’s creativity to the next level, and here are a few apps that will help to develop their creative minds.

Art, Craft & Creativity Apps via Best Apps for Kids


Memory plays an important role in our lives every day. There is nothing worse then forgetting something you were told, or losing something because you forget where you left it. With work and dedication, memory can be trained and strengthened. There are many great games available to help develop and preserve the memory of children (as well as adults!). Below is a link to some fun memory game apps that you can introduce to your children.

Memory Game Apps via Fun Educational apps


Nobody wants to be clumsy. Participating in activities such as sports provide a great way to improve coordination. Coordination is required for every action that we make throughout the day, from simple tasks such as hopping out of bed and and eating breakfast, to more complex tasks such as juggling or doing a backflip. Once again, there are many different apps and games that children can use to help increase their coordination and fine motor skills. Playing games that demand quick reactions and physical responses will help to improve the way children react. Take a look at these six apps that help children with hand-eye coordination.

6 Apps To Better Hand Eye Coordination via Aashna Shah

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