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16 Fun Activities to Try With Your Kids This Summer

July 6, 2021

Summer’s here and that means long days, sunshine, and plenty of time to fill with the children home from school. Instead of trying the same old activities this summer, why not branch out and try a few new ones? 

Below is a curated list of 16 unique activities that will shake things up and get you out of your normal routine. Your kids will love these activities and you’ll love how they keep them entertained all summer long!

1. Weaving Placemats

This is a great activity for all ages, all you need is some scissors and paper and you can weave for hours. The more colors you have the better!

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2. Soap Boat Races

A great outdoor summer activity for small groups. Your kids won’t stop talking about the soap races – definitely a fan favourite! This fun, budget friendly activity is something you can do over and over as well. 

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3. Hands on Learning Shapes

Keep your children’s minds active over the summer with this great hands-on activity for younger learners. Using tape and various other items, help children learn shapes.  

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4. Pass the Water and other Beach Games

If you’re looking to get a group of kids together this summer, give one of these a try! I love the Pass the Water activity because it is so easy to set up and it will help the kids stay cool on those hot summer days.

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5. Child-led Art Collage

This is a great activity for a rainy day. Provide children with various items and allow them to exercise their creativity and build their own collage. There are several adaptations to make it work regardless of age or household items on hand.

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6. Walking Water Science Experiment 

This is a great one for eager young minds. Using paper towel, three jars and colored water you can create an amazing scene of capillary action where the water moves along the paper towel. Spark your child's imagination and love for science with this one.

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7. Stress Ball

A great individual or group activity. Have your children build their very own stress ball which they can use in the classroom or at home. You can also find all of the necessary supplies at the dollar store!

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8. Animal Puppets

If you’re looking to get creative juices flowing, try this one! Use paper bags and some accessories to make a fun animal puppet that will provide endless hours of entertainment for the kiddos.

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9. Color Scavenger Hunt

Do your kids have wiggles? This is a great indoor or outdoor activity to get your kids moving around. Build a fun list of colors and have the kiddos find an item that matches each color. 

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10. Travel Board

Planning to travel this summer? Use this activity to prepare for a summer vacation. Provide a clipboard and some stickers and allow the kiddos to decorate it. This can later be used to play games or as a coloring pad while they are on the go.

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11. Sharpie Art

This is a great art project for older children. Using colorful sharpies (or markers) help children color their own stain glass window styled piece of art. This will also look amazing hanging on the window.

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12. Drawing with Pudding

For Pictionary, letter practice, or just for fun, this is a great activity you won’t want to miss. By simply using a flat surface and some pudding (ideally chocolate) you can have fun drawing all kinds of shapes, letters, and pictures. It’s stress-relieving fun for adults too!

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13. Paint Chip Art

What a great use of those old paint chips you have! If you need more, just head down to the hardware store to snag a few. Use a hole puncher on the paint chips and use the small hole punches of multiple colors and then use these pieces to create pictures

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14. Spray Painting with Water 

This one can get a little messy but is a lot of fun. Use colored water and a spray bottle or squirt gun to create colorful pieces of art. Get creative outside with this simple but fun activity.

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15. Capture the Bugs

Great for a small group gathering. Weave string back and forth across a laundry basket to create a spider web looking obstacle. Then place toy bugs (or candy bugs) at the bottom for the kiddos to carefully pull through the strings!

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16. Buoyancy Science Experiment 

Engage your inner scientist with this one. Use an orange to teacher the concept of buoyancy by peeling an orange and putting both the orange and the peel in the water. The kids won’t be able to stop talking about it!

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To download your free bundle of 10 activities designed for ages 3 and up click here!

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