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Hands-on Learning Shapes

Great learning activity for preschool, daycare, or camp. Best for younger learners.

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3-12 years


  • Tape
  • Puff balls
  • Legos
  • Small cars
  • Any other objects

Learning Outcomes

  • Motor Skills
  • Shape Recognition
  • Counting Shapes

Activity Prep:

Step 1:
Using colored tape, tape shapes onto a table. I like to do a square, circle and rectangle.

Step 2:
Set out manipulatives that the children can use to trace the shapes.

Activity Instructions:

Introduce the activity with the following instructions:
“Today we are going to practice learning shapes. For this activity you will fill the lines of the tape with the toys of your choice. Once you have gone all the way around the first shape then move to the next shape. Notice if you have created any patterns along the way.”


Ages 3-5:
If you have children who are interested in cars, make the shapes into a race track and after they fill the lines with the manipulatives they can race cars along it. Meet the learners where they are at and with what interests them.

Ages 5 and up:
No adaptions needed, best with younger learners.

Learning Questions

What patterns do you see?
Which shape is the circle, and which is the square?
Which shape was the easiest to trace with the manipulatives? Which was the hardest?

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