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Drawing with Pudding

Great for preschool, daycare, school age after school program or camp.

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2-12 years


  • Flat surface
  • Parchment paper
  • Chocolate pudding (the dark color works best)
  • Masking tape
  • Cup
  • Paint brushes

Learning Outcomes

  • Literacy
  • Risk practice
  • Social Emotional

Activity Prep:

Step 1: Make sure you have a clean and clear space to get started. Lay out a piece of parchment paper on the surface if you are concerned with getting pudding on your table. You can either do one large piece for all the kids to share or one piece of parchment paper per child. Using tape attach the paper to the table on all four sides to help the paper stay in place.

Step 2: Prepare your pudding. I recommend using premade pudding to reduce prep time for the activity. Place the pudding cups around the tables. One cup per child is great. I love using chocolate so you can see the contrast better.

Step 3: Set out paint brushes or have younger learners use their fingers for the painting and tracing.

Activity Instructions:

Introduce the activity with the following instructions:
“Today we are going to write using pudding!! So exciting huh? First you will take your paint brush (or finger), dip it in the pudding cup and paint your paper with a thick layer of pudding. Once you have a layer of pudding, take the back side of the paintbrush (or fingernail) and start writing (or drawing).”


Ages 3-5:
This is great as a station, with a few children at a time. Have sample letters at the station and have the children practice the letter of the week and or write their name.

Ages 5 and up:
If doing this with an older group turn it into a game! This can easily be adapted to pictionary.  Get creative and have fun, the children will love playing a familiar game in a new way.

Learning Questions

1. Which letter is the hardest to write using the paint brush?
2. How many letters did you write?
3. What was your favorite part of the activity?

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