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Animal Puppets

Great for preschool, daycare, school age after school program or camp.

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3-12 years


Paper bags lunch size
Googly Eyes
Colorful paper
Glue or Mod Podge

Learning Outcomes

Fine Motor Skills
Creative Learning

Activity Prep:

Step 1: Prepare all materials needed for the activity on a table.

Step 2: Create a sample puppet

Step 3: Give intro and show sample

Step 4: Explain safety instructions and get started

Activity Instructions:

Introduce the activity with the following instructions:
“What are some of your favorite animals? (tell them your favorite too). Today we are going to make our own paper bag animal puppets. You may use any of the supplies that you see on the table in front of you (explain safe use of scissors).  Here is a sample of what you can do (show your sample puppet). Be creative and have fun!”


Ages 3-5:
All make the same puppet and walk them through each step. Having extra hands to help with gluing is always a plus.

Ages 5 and up:
Instead of using paper bags you can use felt or any other materials. Get creative and allow the children to be creative too.

Learning Questions

1. Where does your animal live in the wild?
2. Would your animal make a good pet? (why/why not?)
3. How many babies would your animal have at one time?

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